Love Island?

If you live in the UK, you will know that recently ITV2 has released this years Love Island, alas I have sold my soul for an hour each night captivated by these aesthetically pleasing humans.
For me it’s more than just the drama that I find interesting. It’s the whole concept of claiming to be a show that helps people find love as well as offer them prize money, it can’t be both, it’s either about the money or about love, the two usually don’t go hand in hand.
These people on this Island have come in with expectations but also the dream of being recognized and getting their big break or getting a nice wad of cash to make up for the time they have taken off work (do they still even have jobs though, I mean holiday pay dosent stretch that far right?). I don’t think the islanders have come onto tv because they are desperate to find love, I mean they are an attractive bunch and we have so many other ways to meet people nowadays.
However saying that, we have all seen TV personalities meat on a show and go on to have a short relationship, sometimes and very rarely marriage.
BUT I AM SO HOOKED, this pointless show has somehow struck a cord and I can’t get enough. Sure enough at 9pm every night I’m trying to find out who will end up with who, who will make the cutest babies etc. I’m totally supporting Camilla though.

Maybe I am wrong and maybe it is all about love, only time will tell..

What are your views?

C xx


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