Take a risk.

I was talking to a close friend of mine today, he has an opportunity which may be very rewarding however he is scared it wont be worth the risk and will lose what he already has.
I can completely understand this, sometimes its so easy to play it safe and stick in your comfort zone, however as someone who wants to achieve something more with my life, I have learnt that risks are often the better route.
But what is the best option? Be safe like my friend or risky like me?
I think first you need to assess the situation, what exactly are you getting from this risk, what are the possible falls? How do you feel about it and will it damage your mental health?
Sometimes the initial jump is the only scary part, its the fear of the unknown. Though I believe that fate has its way and if it is meant to be, everything wall fall into place.
For example, I once took a job as an apprentice, low waged and only temporary, meaning in a year I would be jobless, however an opportunity came up for a job in the building, I decided to take the interview and see what happens. I didn’t do the best in the interview however the person who did better, didn’t want the job so they offered it to me. I ended up taking the job and loving the role itself, though the management was the worst I have ever experienced.
So with that in mind, was that a risk that was worth taking? considering I quit the job anyway? I think it was as it opened a world of new opportunities for me, but some may see it as a loss.
At the end of the day, do what feel right, follow your instincts and don’t regret a single decision you make, bad choices are lessons and the good well, make you happy I suppose.
So what are your thoughts on taking risks? 

C xx


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