Why I hate Bank Holidays

In the UK we get these wondrous special days off work each year, called ‘Bank Holidays’. 

The idea itself is great, you get a three day weekend to do whatever you want, however I personally am not a fan of them and here is why…

  1. If you work in retail, you probably wont get the day off and instead will spend the day being overworked and extremely jealous of the idea of a three day weekend and wounder if you will ever have such an experience which isn’t taken as paid/unpaid holiday, sadly though having one weekend off a month is rare in retail.
  2. If you need a doctors appointment or need to make important calls, chances are that they will be closed, meaning you have to wait three days before you can get anything sorted out.
  3. Bank Holidays always mean that every single pub, restaurant, beach and park is crowded to the brim and in the summer, it means most of them are topless, which is not the best sight to see.
  4. As people like to go away for a short trip away on bank holidays, it means that travelling is going to take twice as long and can mean stupidly long ques on the motor way.
  5. Bank Holiday Monday usually means that if a shop is open, then it will be Sunday opening hours and will shut by 4pm, this is stupidly annoying if you run out of milk etc.
  6. Fancy a takeout? Think again, you’ll be waiting a very long time for your takeout and in my experience, busy takeouts means a that the food is rushed and not as good quality and the last thing you want to do is to spend the day on the loo!

What are your least favorite things about Bank Holidays, I’d love to hear from you!

C xx


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