What is it like to live with both Anxiety and Depression

If you don’t know me then now is the time to tell you that I have suffered Anxiety and Depression for a many number of years now and I am very open to talking about my experiences over a variety of networks and social media, such as youtube, facebook and twitter. My main goal in life is to spread the word and raise awareness of mental health to destroy as much stigma and replace it with the support we all need.

So what is it like to live with Anxiety and Depression at the same time? After all they are the polar opposites. 

  • It’s making plans with your friends as you know you need to get out the house, but making excuses and cancelling because you really don’t want to leave the house.
  • It’s starting to type a message to someone you want to talk to, but deleting the message and hoping somehow they will contact you as you don’t want to annoy them.
  • It’s dialing a number for whatever reason and hanging up before anyone has the chance to answer.
  • It’s making a doctors appointment and either cancelling or not turning up because you feel as though you will be disappointed by the doctor.
  • It’s not knowing if your illness if real or in your head and having to decide if you should leave it or deal with the torture of getting checked out.
  •  It’s ordering things online so you don’t have to go outside, but getting someone else to answer the door because you hate strangers.
  • It’s getting excited to go out, but changing your outfit a million times and getting depressed because you think you will be judged.
  • It’s planning your life months in advance and telling yourself that you have time to get the confidence to do cool things, instead you count down the days finding reasons not to do what you planned.
  • It’s dieting to be healthier and then caving and eating junk food because you feel down.
  • It’s making a promise and instantly feeling bad as you know you will bail one way or another.
  • It’s starting a conversation with an old friend, then killing the conversation because you think they hate you.
  • It’s applying for jobs and then not attending interviews because the idea of actually getting the job and dealing with so many new things is terrifying.
  • It’s telling someone something, then repeating it 20 times because you aren’t sure they heard.
  • It’s going out for outside for one day and then not leaving bed for the next week because its exhausting to be around people.
  • It’s fighting between wanting to get better and avoiding being let down.

Anxiety makes you scared of anything from social situations, to finances, health and your future. 
Depression destroys your energy, enjoyment and motivation. 

Far too many people, like me, struggle with this day to day and we need to start acting to ensure the support is out there to help us live out lives more fully.

C xx


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