I got ugly? So What?!

Everyone says that your 20s are when you are the most attractive version of yourself, which is complete bullshit for me personally. 

I was a very unattractive child, however as soon as I hit puberty I feel confident to say that I got so much more attractive and I felt so sexy back then, even now I look back on photos and envy my younger self.

As mentioned in my ‘Makup does not define me‘ blog post as I got older I started to feel more confident in myself as I reached adulthood, that does not mean however that my natural self is attractive to makes me feel happy about the way I look.

The fact Is that I am very aware of my appearance as I am a very vain person, I notice every flaw and inch of fat on my body and I can say for a fact that I have got a lot more unattractive since my peak of attractiveness at about 17 years old. I also have noticed a lot less comments of ‘you look so pretty’ and a lot less people trying to flirt with me, which actually isn’t the worst thing (I hate being chatted up).


So yes, to summarize, I ‘got ugly’, woe is me.

But the question is, ‘Do I care?’ and the answer is NOPE, Why? because when you reach a mental level of maturity you realize that appearance is not important in life. You can still get married (I did) and have babies, you can still get a job, you can still move house, you can still travel the world and do whatever you damn well want.

I feel that worrying about looks should be a thing of the past because anyone who judges you for your looks can go bugger off back where they came from because you deserve so much better than that.

C xx


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