Growing up and growing apart..

Growing up is something inevitable. At some point or another we need to realise we are no longer kids or teenagers, we are adults and it’s time we recognise that.

When you are a teenager your only priority is your education, the rest of your world is pretty easy, yes there is the drama but you have a freedom to do what you want and spend so many endless nights laughing with your friends and making memories. 

When the Summer comes, every day starts and ends with you friends, you eating together, drink together, laugh together and grow together. 

Then the day comes when you have finished highschool and college, Adulthood. It seems innocent at first, one of your friends gets a job, then another and like a domino affect, yourself and your friends are all working and having such an unscheduled life that no one knows what they are doing. 

The days on end you all spent together become memories and your lucky if you can see them once a month or on special occasions. 

You’ll realise that as well as not seeing each other, you don’t talk as much. It’s not as if you have fallen out, you still adore eachother but you are drifting apart. 

Drifting apart from your school friends is a very normal part of adulthood. We all get caught up in our own lives, trying to survive and make a living. I admit I do get nostalgia and get upset and lonely thinking about all the friends I have lost over the years due to my and their busy life. 

And don’t forget about growing apart, you are at one level and maturity and they are at another. Maybe you are married with a baby and they are clubbing all the time. Maybe you fell out of love with your old interests and now don’t have as much in common as your old friends. It’s all very normal.

In conclusion? Growing up sucks but embrace it, go the extra mile and call an old friend, arrange a coffee date, or just go out into the world and make new friends, give those co-workers a chat and see if you bond! 

C xx


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