Makeup does not define me

I’ve been wearing makeup since I was around 14. 

What caused me to start wearing makeup? I was being bullied and honestly believed I was ugly, I started wearing powder and mascara to make myself more presentable and have a higher chance of alluring my crush. It didn’t work. 

By the time I turned 16 I was watching all sorts of makeup on YouTube and reading magazines to learn more about makeup, the styles and types. I started doing my eyebrows and eyeliner on top of my typical every day look. However at this point it gave me confidence and empowered me and I realised that make up should be used for the girl and not used to impress others. 

My makeup has gone through different styles, lipstick heavy, even shadow heavy and eyeliner heavy, depending on my mood and my outfit. 

Nowadays my makeup is done pretty much the same each time I do it, I do use every makeup product in existence but i feel that I have learnt what I like and what makes me feel pretty.

But I do not wear makeup everyday, most of the time you’ll catch me with bare skin, acne and all! I have learnt to feel confident in who I am and how I look, regardless of what others think, I’ll wear makeup when I want to and I will wear as much or as little as I feel nessacry. If I want to look extra when I got grocery shopping then I will, or if I want to walk round town bare faced then I am really happy to do so! 

The point is, regardless of what people say to you or the looks you get? Do you. Say full it and Wear the makeup you want, when you want or do the opposite, don’t feel like you need to wear makeup if you don’t want to! 

C xx


4 thoughts on “Makeup does not define me

  1. I agree! There was a moment in my life where I didn’t leave the house without make up because I couldn’t imagine anyone seeing me without it. However, over time I learned that there is nothing wrong with leaving the house in your “own” skin. It’s important that we learn that make up doesn’t determine how beautiful we look.


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