Stop telling kids they are fat!

I’ve been ‘fat’ or ‘overweight’ for as long as I can remember, I mean I have seen pictures from when I was a toddler and I was pretty thin, however at 7 years old I moved house and since then my weight has just piled on and on and on etc.. 
At first I never cared about my weight, I honestly didn’t see it as a problem, until I reached High School, I got called fat and obese by my family and school peers. Funny that isn’t it? There is something about reaching puberty in which people expect you to be ‘perfect‘ and honestly this is so wrong, at 14 I still wanted to play with dolls, I didn’t care how my hair was style, that I didn’t wear makeup and my weight didn’t bother me as I was still healthy, that was until people started pointing it out.
Which made me start to wear makeup and buy nicer and more fashionable clothes, but surely this makes me someone else as It’s not me that really wants the change.
My weight was a battle, I was made to feel that I wanted to be thin, but I really freaking liked food, I would pick a burger over a salad any-day because salad to me, tasted disgusting (this hasn’t changed).
At 16 I finally decided to lose the weight, I ran 20 mins a day and ate nothing but cous cous and ham sandwiches, I lost 2 stone in 6 months and suddenly people kept commenting on how nice I looked, though I wasn’t happy because all I wanted was a fucking cheesecake or pizza.
I managed to keep my weight around the same till i was 18, sort of gaining a bit and losing some, but i was smoking which meant I kept more off and I also ate a hella tonne of junk food, I should have got very fat at this point, I didn’t so it gave me the false idea that I could eat what I want.

Then at 18 my father passed away and in the first month I lost about 6 pounds, after that It just piled on and on until, 3 years later, I have gained 5 stone and I don’t know where that came from. I’ve not eaten terribly and nor have I been sedentary, Alas I still see my body today and it’s covered in stretchmarks and flab which is not what I wanted at 21 years old and It’s got to the point that I’m getting ill from it, so I’m now dieting and getting it under control. this time I am determined.

The difference between this diet and my last? That I actually want to lose weight and not so it pleases other peoples eyes but so I can be healthy and have better skin, anything to avoid going the the doctor over illnesses that can clearly be avoided.

Verdict? We should be taught about living a healthy lifestyle, not about losing weight to be an Instagram model. All you are doing by calling kids fat is giving them a life long battle with body dysmorphia. 


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