Where did all the compassion go?

I am someone who was raised to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, to listen and just generally be compassionate and understanding. 
But every-time I make my way out into this huge world (yes sometimes I do leave the house), I get hit in the face pretty hard by the lack of compassion and respect that people have for one another.
You can give people priority, move out of the way for them or help them on a bus, but chances are you wont get a thank you.
You can do a good deed but people just will expect that they were entitled to that, it’s so rewarding when people are grateful but most of the time its just a grunt, like what is that supposed to mean?
Luckily you are not forced to do good deads and have morals so you can easily avoid the disappointment of all of those rude strangers.
However the real struggle comes when this rude and un-compassionate nature comes from your teachers, family and health professionals. 
Teachers need to be understanding and supportive for their students to succeed, a student might lack motivation or might get depressed feeling like their hard work is worth nothing or that because they are quiet they aren’t getting the attention they need to build their confidence, they might slip in grades because they are too scared to ask for help.
Family may be your blood but it does not mean that you have to do all their bidding. Coming from a family with a parent who was mentally abusive and a brother who was physically abusive, I was defiantly taken for granted, I did all the chores and extra that I was told to do, but my brothers would refuse to do it and get away with it, if i said no then all hell would be let loose. I was physically and mentally bullied to be a slave and for what reward? I am not close to that brother anymore and I still feel no ounce of love for my mother for what she has put me through. Family needs to treat everyone as an equal and use their love to nurture and care. After all, you should be trying to have a family because you have love to give, not to get benefits or to get chores done.
The one that really gets my blood boiling however is Doctors and health professionals. I have some bad mental health issues and because they know this, I am not allowed to be sick or ill as they always assume it is all in my head. My mental health gets brought up before I even get to describe whats wrong with me and what I feel. I understand mental health can cause physical issues, but treat me like a real human and make sure it is not physical before you attack me for being crazy. The NHS needs to be better than this as it is so dangerous, I avoid going to doctors now and that may one day be fatal. Health care needs to be understanding and compassionate as everyone is different and we all have different brains, get to know us before assuming the worst of us.

What are your views?

C xx


One thought on “Where did all the compassion go?

  1. You are right compassion has been vanishing. I especially experience it with my friends when I do something then I don’t need to kiss my feets and tell me how thankful they I exist, but a simple “thank you” won’t be out of place.


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