Are pets and toddlers the same thing?

The amount of times I will complain to my friends and family about how my pet cat, Havana, and Dog, Sooty, are basically toddlers. 

Take Sooty for example: 

  • She always demands attention and will sulk if we ignore her. 
  • She’d rather eat anything than the food given to her. 
  • She will eat anything she can find and fit in her mouth (But not her food).
  • She gets upset when someone new is in the house and then gets upset when they leave?! 
  • She poops lots and gets it stuck to her. 
  • She will let me know only 2 seconds before she empties her bladder. 
  • Everything is a toy to her. 

And Havana? 

  • He is always asking for attention, he won’t get upset, he will just follow you until he gets attention and won’t let you stop.
  • He is always hungry and acts like he is never fed. 
  • When he’s given fusses he decides that he’s bored and runs off. 
  • He thinks he’s a superhero, spiderman, to be exact in he middle of the night and keeps us up. 

They both squabble and fight for our love. The only time they are quiet is when they just sit and stare at eachother for hours. 

So toddler mum’s, are there any similarities? 

C xx


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