Ill as an adult vs Ill as a kid

Being Ill as an adult is so much worse than being ill as a kid, these are the reasons why. 

  1. You get the day off school to watch TV, as an adult your lucky to get the day off work and if you do, you’ll be catching up or chores and things you haven’t had the time to do. 
  2. Medicene such as Calpol tastes so damn good, adult medicene is just honey and lemon, which I for one don’t like. 
  3. People feel bad for you and offer to help you as a kid so you can stay in bed, as an adult all you get is “I’ve only had one day off in my working life, man up” 
  4. As a kid you gorge on the ice cream and lucozade your parents have lovingly given you, as an adult you know that if you want sweet treats, you have to go out and get them and spend the money that you are now not earning as you are off sick. You have to chose between next week’s food shop and all the medicene and and ice cream you want to feel better.
  5. As a kid they do a thorough check over you at the doctors to make sure it’s nothing serious, as an adult they prescribe you expensive paracetamol and tell you to go away. 

This is just my personal opinion bare in mind as I am currently ill with flu or a cold, nostalgia is hitting me hard! 

How do/did you cope with illness? 

C xx


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