Why you should get a routine

So today I wanted to talk about how important routine is, especially if you do not work or are in education. Some of us, including me tend to let routine slip and end up not doing much with our day which can really effect our moods. 
For me, when I lost my job I made the most of relaxing as my job was demanding, but one month turned into 5 months of relaxing and now I am still out if a job and only just have started making and routine. 

Routine gives us purpose and a reason to get up and live our lives, without it there is nothing stopping us from spending the say in bed watching videos on the Internet or binge watching Netflix. 

So my advice is to make a list of the simple things you need to do each day that you may forget to do. Lists also motivate you to complete a task, especially if like me you can be a little OCD. 

For example my list is: 

  1. Take my vitamins
  2. Excercise
  3. Walk the dog
  4. Write a paragraph of my book
  5. Read  chapter of a book 

All these things make me feel like I am being productive and am not wasting my life. I really do recommend making am list and finding a routine that suits you! 

C xx


One thought on “Why you should get a routine

  1. I find routine can be really helpful too. It doesn’t have to be super rigid, although it can be. I like to start my morning by bathing, then a coffee and breakfast, and take my medicine. It helps to start my day with that little ritual! It makes me feel ready to do the other things I need to get on with!


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