A blast from the past

Todays post is about time and the way we change.

Yesterday I went to see my favorite band, All Time Low, I have been a huge fan for about 10 years now and it was on my bucket list to see them live (they were awesome live btw), so for my birthday last year I begged my husband to take me. It was the best present I have ever received but it also got me thinking.

As I was standing in the que, waiting for the doors to open, I felt like I was looking back on my past, there were so many young girls with their dyed hair, back skinny jeans and band shirts, I supposed I couldn’t help but giggle, I was almost shocked to be reminded that once upon a time, I looked like that and probably had the same thinking, that I had to see this gig or it would be the end of the world, that I had to look pretty in case I met the band etc.

The thing is, I remember feeling all of this and being this person, like it was yesterday, but it was in-fact 8 years ago, which is completely crazy to me as I have no idea where the time went and how I have managed to change so much as a person without realizing.

It’s not just my appearance that has changed, I mean I have changed my wardrobe from being full of clothes that were far too sexy for my age group, to more comfortable and convenient items, I really don’t care about my appearance as much as I did back then. But its also the priorities in my life, the things that once bothered me, really don’t anymore and I think that I am far more understanding and patient than I was back then. I don’t overreact as much and I can have learnt to study both sides of a story before jumping to conclusions. Not to mention that my goals in life have changed, it’s no longer about getting Alex Gaskarth to fall in love with me and more about fulfilling my life with awesome memories and experiences that I can pass onto my future children as bedtime stories.

I guess the point of this post is the exact same thing that your parents have been telling you. “Don’t wish your life away”, because dammit they are right, in a blink of an eye you will be in your 30s and you don’t want to waste that time wanting to be someone else.

Own the moment and live in it.

C xx


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