Family, wrong vs right?

Family is a funny thing. 

Recently I’ve stumbled into a bit of family drama, which always sucks because it’s hard to know what to do. 

You love your family but sometimes you need to tell them that they aren’t being a good person and taking a stand against your family is a very terrifying thing to do, It’s like you turn into that naughty 8 year old who’s being told off again.

You may or may not know that my dad died 3 years ago, this event has caused a chain reaction of shitty situations, I don’t blame my dad, I just think grief makes us act in wierd ways. 

My issue is that I am a stubborn person, I am very set in my ways and have strong morals and see the world a certain way, in the sense I want the world to be a nice place and I get angry when people make it a bad place. Sadly sometimes it’s my family that makes my life bad and then I have and choice, do I take a stand and risk an fight or do I let it continue and let them off because they are my blood? 

How do you deal with family feuds? 

C xx


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