The Honeymoon ‘Rundown’

Hi all! How’s your week been?

I got married and went on honeymoon which is basically what this blog post will be about, my adventures in Brighton!

We set off at about 8am on Tuesday, which is surprisingly late for Harry and I, we got most of the way to the train station when we bumped into my older brother who was also going to London, he had to wait an hour or so as he had an off peak ticket, so I suggested we get breakfast and then get the train together, which we did, I got some pancakes from the local Wetherspoons. We spent the next hour talking about life, family and all that kind of junk, me and my older brother were never very close so this was a big thing for us to have a civil conversation.
We got the train that arrived just before 9am, the train journey felt fast, my brother slept and me and Harry just stared into space for the most part, we were too tired to want to have too much conversation. We arrived to London with plenty of time for a quick toilet break and to navigate ourselves around St Pancras, we only waited around 10 mins before we got to hop onto our second and last train of the day. I was excited about this train journey as I got to see the other side of London and plenty of hills and country, where I live its very flat and dull.
We got to Brighton around 13:30pm, it was surprisingly easy to navigate ourselves from the train station to the place we were staying, which was called ‘The Bow Street Runner’, its an old style pub close to the beach, we paid £50 a night for the room, which i thought was very cheap and it was also a lovely room, very cosy and clean, not to to mention the bed was super comfy, I would so recommend staying there if you ever need somewhere to stay in Brighton!
We did a good lot of exploring while in Brighton, we went to the Bandstand, the Pier, the Marina, the lanes and plenty in-between. I had my first ever visit to Choccywoccydodah, my first cronut from Dum Dums, my first ever burger from Five guys, although sadly I was not a fan. I also went to tea heaven, aka bluebird tea and co, I took a selection of tea home with me as I couldn’t decide on just one. I also popped into lush, I just couldn’t resist and I also met the sweetest red head who worked there. I think the highlight of the trip however, was the carrot cake ice cream from Boho Gelato.
I have to admit that going to Brighton made me realize that I maybe watch too many Zoella and Alfie Deyes vlogs, as I was saying ‘Zoes been here’ ‘ Alfie loves this’, the whole way through.
Overall Brighton is a beautiful town, I am not sure I’d want to spent that and by the end of the second day we were struggling to find things to do, but for a short stay it was very sweet, aside from the odd local who wanted to go on a tangent and insult us. I think it was a lovely short and sweet trip to begin our married lives together, although I am not happy about all the paper work and cleaning up I have to do now I am at home..

Whats your fav part of Brighton?

C xx

The Wedding ‘Rundown’

I got married! That’s right I am now Mrs Charlotte Underwood, shiny gold ring and all!

On Sunday all my bridesmaids came over to chill out and get ready, we painted our nails and chatted with RU Paul’s drag race on in the background, I went to bed at like 8pm because I was so exhausted!

I woke up on Monday at about 2am, I was desperate to sleep in till 7am but my brain was not having it! So I had a shower, ate some pastrys as I was super hungry and watched a bunch on movies, Hurricane Bianca was my favourite. I then cooked the girls breakfast and woke them up a little before 7am, they were all exhausted bless them. 

It took us such a long time to get ready, we were almost going to be late so we had to rush out of the house, leaving it in a horrible mess. We arrived at about 9:45 to the Town Hall, so after my lovely bridesmaid took a dozen pictures, Harry turned up and I was annoyed because he didn’t cry because I looked fab. But I was so happy so see him and it was lovely to have him next to me again after a long night. He was called in for an interview first, followed by myself and then harrys parents who are our witnesses. 

The ceremony was short and sweet and full of little hiccups but it made us laugh, Harry replied to early and eagerly to his first vow and everyone giggled when I was the one to kiss him first, but in my defence, I hadn’t seen him since 4pm the previous day! People cried and we took a few photos in the courtyard before heading the the reception. 

We arrived alert he reception late, but luckily everyone else was running late too, the main thing was we managed to get there before the match delicious breakfast, it went down a treat and everyone seemed very happy. We went to the bar for and while so people could buy drinks and no we could let the staff clean up, we then took more photos and the other half full our guests arrived. We did a quiz at 3am that went down a treat although I got angry at people for changing tables and not listening to me, but they didn’t win the quiz so that made me feel better, the prize was kinder eggs because they are so good and me and Harry love them. Speeches were at 4pm, which got us all a little emotional but it was lovely. We had food at 5:30 and it was delicious! After that people started heading home, but some stayed for cake, pudding and live music, I was a little sad that people had gone but a lot of our family had travelled a long way so I didn’t blame them.

Me and Harry left a little earlier than planned, we said goodbye to the handfuls of remaining guests then went home to write thank you cards and clean up the mess me and my girls had left. 

It was a lovely day, very simple but very well tailored to me and Harry. 

We did manage to get 7 hours sleep after the wedding, we left the house at 8am to get the train but we bumped into my brother who was also going to London, but he had to wait to get another train, so we went and got breakfast in the local weatherspoons before jumping on the same train, it was nice to talk to him as we havnt always had a good relationship.

What are your wedding story’s? 

C xx